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      Date: 27 March 2015
     Title: No more lazy Sundays
Womens Sessions 3pm every Sunday


Want to improve your fitness? Enhance your health? Run that 5k a little bit faster? Beat your personal best?

Are you female - of any age, shape size or speed? And want to get some much needed exercise?

Then it is the time to put a spring in your step with (free) running sessions in newly upgraded Alexandra Park (Manchester).

At 3pm, every Sunday from April, there’ll be coached running sessions for women only. You can choose between a steady run (timed or not) - up to 5k (3x round the park) - or specially designed training sessions to improve performance.

All levels and ages welcome.

Meet by children’s playground on the Princess Road side of Alexandra Park.

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Nearest parking: 180 Russell Street, Manchester, M16 7JL